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Monty Oum BF4 Battlelog Emblem by Wh33lman Monty Oum BF4 Battlelog Emblem :iconwh33lman:Wh33lman 0 0 DoubleLeggy REMusical Cameo Contest Entry by Wh33lman DoubleLeggy REMusical Cameo Contest Entry :iconwh33lman:Wh33lman 3 3 RWBY Beacon Academy BF4 Emblem by Wh33lman RWBY Beacon Academy BF4 Emblem :iconwh33lman:Wh33lman 0 0
RWBY: Breaking His Legs [Pt.4]
It was a winding path to Headmaster Ozpin's office, but with her hearing, Velvet could follow Goodwitch and Brice without ever being seen. She could stay two, sometimes even three corners behind and still keep on the trail. Afternoon classes were still in session, so the halls were mostly empty. Fortunately, she was lightfooted and was able to glide across the floors without a sound. Somewhere along the way she heard and odd ruffle of clothing, and deduced that Goodwitch had relieved him of his weapons. When they reached Ozpin's office, the two walked right inside. Velvet was forced to round the last corner and approach the door in order to hear what was happening inside.
Without so much as a knock, Glynda forcefully opened the door to Headmaster Ozpin's office and pushed Brice inside. Ozpin was seated behind his desk as she marched him into the room.
"Professor Ozpin, we need to discuss..." Goodwitch started, but Ozpin chose to finish for her. "The recent match between Mr. Azure here
:iconwh33lman:Wh33lman 2 7
RWBY: Breaking His Legs [Pt.3]
"Begin." A horn accompanied the final command. Cardin was the first move, clearly looking to keep him on the defensive. The first swing of the mace, Brice deflected with one arm. The return swing came faster then it should have, considering what the weapon must have weighed. Brice deflected again, this time taking a step back to maintain his balance. Each successive strike forced another step back, until he decided to make his move. With a final step, Brice planted his right foot back in preparation for the next strike. The next blow came from his left. Instead of deflecting, he forced the mace back up and away, creating an opening to attack. Moving faster then he had ever permitted himself to move before, Brice spun the tonfa and landed a hit on Cardins ribs. The resistance he encountered wasn't flesh and bone, but projected aura being used as armor.
Brice returned to a defensive stance. Considering that no one had beaten him before, it was hard to tell just how much aura Cardin had,
:iconwh33lman:Wh33lman 4 2
RWBY: Breaking His Legs [Pt.2]
The crowd from the lunchroom had now made it way into into the training stage, as the afternoon sparing was about to begin. Ruby Rose was having a hard time making her way through everyone in order to reach her team. When she finally bust through to the front of the assembly, she gasped for air as if she had been swimming underwater.
"Hi sis!" Yang was the first to greet her.
"Hey everyone!" Ruby extended her greeting to the rest of her team. Blake acknowledged with a grunt, but maintained her watch of the stage.
"You're late" Weiss offered in response.
"Did they start the challenges yet?" Ruby countered.
"You..." Weiss scoffed. Ruby raised an eyebrow at her partner. "No." Weiss admitted.
"Then I'm not late, I'm right on time" Ruby corrected. Weiss crossed her arms and looked away. As she did, Glynda Goodwitch took to the stage.
"Good afternoon students." Glynda cut right to the chase "We will now begin the Sparing matches. First up is..."she paused for a moment  to consult the sc
:iconwh33lman:Wh33lman 2 0
RWBY: Breaking His Legs [Pt.1]
Velvet Scarlatina paused at the door to the cafeteria. She knew on the other side lay teammates, but that wasn't want she was afraid of. On the other side was also Cardin Winchester, along with countless other bullies. As a Faunus, she had dealt with them all her life. All throughout school, she had to deal with the names and the abuse. But the looks were the worst part. The long bunny ears atop her head were all but impossible to hide, and it wasn't for a lack of trying. Over the years, she had tried various hats and other head coverings. But most of her attempts were either not allowed in school, or just seemed to make her heritage more obvious.
When she was accepted into Beacon Academy, she had hoped that would all change. Surely the most prestigious school in all of Vytal would be just as accepting of Faunus as they would Humans. Only the most skilled were accepted, and she had more then proven her worth by making it there. Sadly, she was mistaken. If anything, the bulling had gott
:iconwh33lman:Wh33lman 8 0
The Up's and Down's of Teh Stream
All was quiet in the white room that many people refered to as "The Internet". There was nothing special, just a blank slate, waiting for someone to draw on it.
A set of double doors were slowly extruded from one side, before being burst open. A Kevelar helmet came flying through, traveling a good 15 feet before striking the opposite wall with a satisfying thud. It began to slowly fall, disintergrating completely before it reached the ground. Its former owner soon followed it into the room.
He cursed several obscenities as the doors behind him closed. He paced the room as doors receded back inot the wall. He was dressed in dirty military fatigues, as though he had just come out of a battle. He rubbed his hands on his head, reviving his brown hair after it had been matted down by the helmet. He finally paused in the middle of the room. He stood a moment and held his face in his hands.
"No more Battlefield 2 for tonight." He mumbled to himself. He turned to one wall and fell backward. A
:iconwh33lman:Wh33lman 1 7
Mature content
NejiSaku - Dinner :iconwh33lman:Wh33lman 1 2
Project Reality Comics 10 by Wh33lman Project Reality Comics 10 :iconwh33lman:Wh33lman 0 0
Confession of Love
Sakura looked across the small cave that served as "home" for tonight. On the other side lay Itachi, with his back to the fire that separated them. She had joined the Akatsuki for this reason and this reason only: To kill Itachi Uchiha. A mere twelve feet was all that separated them. As she sat there, plotting, she thought back on all that lead her here.
She had watched helplessly as he had killed each of her team mates, one by one. First he eliminated Sasuke during his battle for revenge against the clan's killer. Kakashi was next as he tried to protect Naruto. And finally, she had been part of the team that recovered Naruto's body after the Akatsuki had extracted the Kyuubi from his body. And all throughout, he had never seen her face. He had no idea that the lone survivor of Team 7 had come so far just to exact revenge.
And she had come far. She had abandoned her village and her master. Sought out the Akatsuki and joined their ranks. Killed innocents during her initiation and travel
:iconwh33lman:Wh33lman 1 3
Project reality Comics Build 9 by Wh33lman Project reality Comics Build 9 :iconwh33lman:Wh33lman 0 0 Dirty Jobs Saleen S331 Supercab by Wh33lman Dirty Jobs Saleen S331 Supercab :iconwh33lman:Wh33lman 0 0 Uchiha-Hyuuga Family Crests? by Wh33lman Uchiha-Hyuuga Family Crests? :iconwh33lman:Wh33lman 0 0 Trolling Wicca by Wh33lman Trolling Wicca :iconwh33lman:Wh33lman 0 0 Project Reality Comics: Build 8 by Wh33lman Project Reality Comics: Build 8 :iconwh33lman:Wh33lman 0 0

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Looking Out For Me by hearts-and-pins Looking Out For Me :iconhearts-and-pins:hearts-and-pins 257 39 Battlefield 4: Team CFVY by SSgt-LuLZ Battlefield 4: Team CFVY :iconssgt-lulz:SSgt-LuLZ 1,350 185 25 - Drink of Choice by geek96boolean10 25 - Drink of Choice :icongeek96boolean10:geek96boolean10 211 96 Team SYRA ('Sierra') by BloodyRosalia Team SYRA ('Sierra') :iconbloodyrosalia:BloodyRosalia 477 97 Ladybug by genechan2009 Ladybug :icongenechan2009:genechan2009 127 6 Fate x RWBY : The completed edition by dishwasher1910 Fate x RWBY : The completed edition :icondishwasher1910:dishwasher1910 3,288 202 RWBY Ursamon wants to play by ZeroSenPie RWBY Ursamon wants to play :iconzerosenpie:ZeroSenPie 133 27
You Oblivious Blonde Boy (Arkos Oneshot)
Brushing the caked dirt out from his bangs from his latest clinch to the floor, Jaune Arc whipped  up his hair back and brought himself to a stand. As his hand bounced from ground to knee, his opponent spoke.
“You're still too narrow with your feet.” He turned swiftly before being met with the cocky smirk of Pyrrha Nikos, the two being on one of their private sparring lessons atop the dormitory roof. Jaune lashed his arms out and in, ready for another bout, before making the bumbling straight charge that has practically become his trademark.
Pyrrha didn't even have to move. Grasping Jaune's incoming fist, Pyrrha blasted her palm against his elbow, shocking the rest of his arm into flaccidity. With his noodled limb she lashed him forward, plunging her kneecap directly into his stomach. As the air squirmed out of Jaune's windpipe, Pyrrha squished her hand into his face, lobbing him backwards into the harsh, familiar arms of the ground. Jaune grunted as his face grated ag
:iconmemphiston:Memphiston 72 25
RWBY: Showing off by Exvnir RWBY: Showing off :iconexvnir:Exvnir 308 579
Trouble at Dusk (Sun X Pyrrha)
Trouble at Dusk
It really did take a lot to get Pyrrha angry. And while she wasn’t as violently angry as she had seen Yang in the past, she was furious, and expressed it as a smouldering anger. Typically, she would focus her anger or frustration in one of the training areas at the school, but she didn’t want to be around campus right now.
She had it up to here with Cardin and his cronies. Sure, he wasn’t picking on Jaune as much, but he was still a bully to the others around. Especially the Faunus. After the last incident involving Jaune, her team leader had disclosed to her that Cardin had started targeting her for making him seem like such a fool. If she stood up to him, it would make her even more of a target. But if she didn’t, his bullying only spread. She wasn’t worried about the fact that he had targeted her, as she could easily take him in a fight. But she just didn’t want it to get to that, and even an ass-whooping wouldn’t stop Cardin
:iconraynestar86:RayneStar86 5 0
The Stare by Zombiesmile The Stare :iconzombiesmile:Zombiesmile 7,721 1,355 Yang: Moving Forward by FooRay Yang: Moving Forward :iconfooray:FooRay 569 45 [RWBY] Last Resort by KatsuragiRyuu [RWBY] Last Resort :iconkatsuragiryuu:KatsuragiRyuu 959 225
The Eye Mask - A Retelling (Future!RWBY AU)
For all hardcore White Rose/Red Snowflake/Pink (or whatever you wanna call this shipping) aficionados, y'all are going to love this.
Before anything else:

I'm also going to reference the same images she did. You'll come across sections with something like this:
Random meaningless sentence placed by author as an example, and ending with something like this. (F0)
That means there's an image related to that scene, identified by the letter F and a corresponding number. Links to the images themselves will be provided at the bottom.
I mean, I'm just retelling the same story. Kinda like the bards of olden times: they would trade songs and stories, and some bards would slightly alter the timing or wording of their songs so that their audience will b
:iconforsakenxshaikan:forsakenxshaikan 17 5
Underground: The Forgotten Battle of Summer Rose
    Sunday morning at Beacon Academy, no classes, no training. Lie Ren, in an attempt to briefly escape Nora’s constant chattering, snuck off to the school library while she was rambling on about something or other. She hadn’t even noticed he left. Scanning the shelves for something to occupy his time, he noticed something that seemed a bit off. On the top shelf, in the far right corner a book with no title on the spine. Any other student wouldn’t have even noticed this. Even if someone did, they likely dismiss it immediately. Ren, however, has always been one to investigate. He’d likely be working for the police if he wasn’t such a skilled fighter and student. Grabbing a ladder from the corner of the library, he climbed up, grabbed the book and took it to a secluded part of the library to begin reading
He opened it to reveal nothing but a blank page. The next few pages were like this as well.
“Well that was idiotic” Ren mut
:iconvoiceoftheoutcasts:VoiceOfTheOutcasts 36 12
RWBY - Happy Holidays! 2013 by Essynthesis RWBY - Happy Holidays! 2013 :iconessynthesis:Essynthesis 192 12


I may seem a little late in writing this, but it taken me this long to try and get my thoughts together on the subject. For those who don't know, Monty Oum was a 3d animator. He animated a Metroid/Halo fight named Haloid, a mash up of Dead or Alive and Final Fantasy called Dead Fantasy, and some of the later seasons of Red vs Blue. In 2013, he created his own original series, RWBY. And on February 1st 2015, he passed away.

Now, I'm going to sit here and talk about him like I knew him, I never met him. I'm an avid listener of the Rooster Teeth Podcast, and a big fan of RWBY, and I felt like I learned a lot about him through those mediums. I wanted to meet him. Every year I wanted to go to RTX, not searching for an autograph or a picture, but just to say that I enjoyed his work. More than that, I dreamed of working at Rooster Teeth. To me, that's not even a wild dream. The wild dream was actually having the balls to pitch him an idea. But each year, I just didn't have the money to make it to RTX. Until this year.

I was lucky in that I was off from work when I heard the news. If not, I would have just lost my shit in the middle of a job. I went to my room and laid down for a while. For the first time in a long time I cried. And I was crying for a man I didn't know and never met. I just lay there thinking. As I thought about it, I realized that this is not what Monty would want nor what he would do. So I set my emotions aside, hauled my ass out of bed, and ran my errands for the day.

Now working for Rooster Teeth, I knew I couldn't be a modeler or an animator. I couldn't hold a candle to Monty, but I could be a video editor for Achievement Hunter. I still think I'm one of a handful of people who could work there. The problem was I talked alot about it, but never really did anything. I actually edited my first achievement guide in 2012, but never added a commentary. I had shot some footage for other guides in late 2013, and never did anything. I shot and edited what was going to be my first guide on January 22nd, and was going to upload it on the 23rd, but delayed again in searching for a co-commentator.

I have a long history of saying I'm going to do something, but never doing it. I always said that the surest way for me to not do something is to say I'm going to do it. I read somewhere that talking about doing something gives the same chemical reaction in your brain as doing it. So as I was laying in bed, I decided that every time I talk about something and don't do it, it would be an insult to Monty. I can't work as hard as he could, but I could work as hard as i could to make things happen.

I know this has kinda turned more into something about me and not about Monty and I'm sorry for that. But I felt I needed to share how Monty changed my life. I'm still not entirely sure if my writings are a tribute or an insult to him, but I know my path forward in life. And I'm going to keep moving forward.


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